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German Design, Made & Quality Handles & Glass Lid Oven Proof up to 500 degrees F. Patented handle will remain firmly attached to the pan. Hand cast 7 – 8 mm thick bottom for optimum heat distribution Patented High Tech Titanium surface (patent DE-3604762C2) Top quality for the highest demands Titanium Exclusive has been awarded the GS and TÜV-Q quality marks for tested safety and quality by the TÜV-Rhineland/Germany technical testing authority.
About Titanium Exclusive Cookware Titanium Exclusive Cookware is the largest distributor of Titanium Cookware in North America, we carry Protected Non-Stick Titanium Cookware Hi-Tech European Design, Made & Quality . All products from the Titanium Exclusive series are made of a high quality aluminum alloy cast in a German smeltery. Cast aluminum conducts heat seven times faster than iron/steel.
Congratulations... Your interest in our product shows that you value healthy, delicious dining. Titanium Exclusive's frying and baking cookware with the proven titanium coating process has an abrasion-resistant frying surface, and are tailored to the needs of the modern household and professional kitchen. Quality and dependability are what give our products their high value.
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